What is a Dental Bridge?

False teeth or pontics, that can fill in a gap where several natural teeth are missing. The bridge of false teeth are anchored at either end by dental crowns, and are usually made from porcelain.

Dental Bridge Procedure

Step 1: A dental impression or mold is taken.

Step 2: A custom bridge is created.

Step 3: The permanent bridge is fitted.

Dental Bridge FAQ

  • Is the procedure painful? Anesthetic is used to the numb the area before the procedure, which means little to no pain.
  • How long does bridge last? 10 years
  • What is the length of the procedure? Two procedures are required, so time can vary.
  • Caring for Dental Bridge?
    • Regular brushing twice a day. Sensitivity toothpaste maybe needed.
    • Flossing, paying attention to the bridge area.
    • Use mouthwash and pay attention to gum tissue.