Dental Bridges and Crowns in Midwest City, OK

Our team takes great pride in providing the most professional dental service you can ask for.

Dental Hygiene

  • Teeth cleaning for children & adults
  • Oral care instructions
  • Scaling and Root Planing-deep cleaning with anesthesia to treat periodontal disease
A dentist applying dental crowns in Midwest City, OK


Tooth colored fillings-bonded restoration


Zoom-in office bleaching to jump start your whitening

Take home trays-custom trays including gel to maintain a bright smile


Orthodontic alternative to standard braces

Root Canals

Single Visit-New rotary instrumentation makes procedure easier and faster


Tooth colored all porcelain restorations.

CEREC-no impressions, no temporary, no second.


Great way to change shape, size and color of your smile


Single tooth-alternative to fixed bridge work; no damage to adjacent teeth

Implant bridge-replace multiple teeth using implants for your anchors

Implant retained dentures-the best solution to ill-fitting dentures

Mini implants-non surgical implant that is smaller and more economical than regular implants.

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Immediate dentures-dentures delivered the same day you have your extractions

Overdentures-retained with mini implants;

Partials-economical way to replace multiple teeth

Relines and Repair-usually same day repairs


A permanent way to replace missing teeth


We extract all erupted teeth, including wisdom teeth